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Geneva meeting on Syria without Iran

According to the diplomat, Iran is a powerful player in the region and should be taken into account when seeking a solution of the Syrian conflict. Syrian conflict is too complicated situation and there are many factors that have role in Syria. Iran is one of most important country that has strong and deep relation with Syria and during the three decades they have strategic alliance. The Syria-Iran alliance has survived in part because it has been primarily defensive in nature. For three decades, it has been aimed largely at neutralizing Iraqi and Israeli capabilities and preventing American encroachment in the Middle East. Defensive alliances which have fixed and limited objectives are often more durable. The balance of power in the Syrian-Iranian alliance has shifted since 1979. Syria was the dominant partner in the 1980s. Iran is the stronger partner today.

From 1976 to 2005, Syria was the more dominant player in Lebanon due to its military presence. But its leverage weakened after Damascus was forced to pull out troops in 2005. Both Syria and Iran flirted with the United States during this phase. Damascus participated in sporadic U.S. peace efforts. And under reformist President Mohammed Khatami in the late 1990s, Tehran proposed bringing down the “wall of mistrust.” But neither effort produced any progress.

The US is subjective in its attempts to leave Iran behind and Washington would have contacted Tehran if it needed to discuss security of US troops in Iraq and Syrian meeting US tried to ignore Iran and opposite to Iran taking part in Syrian meeting to find solution. Basically they made mistake because when Syria will accept any recommendation that be from its ally not enemy and in other words because of Iran influence and effect on Syrian government it could be fruitful that Iran take part and made essential role in meeting.

Realistic approach say that only one country can accept some idea or suggestion that it believe to some other country and this meeting when could be successful that can absorb Syrian government confident with participation of Iran in policy making.

In other side many important person emphasize that Iran should have role in this process that they have many experiment in international relation “I think Iran as an important country in the region, I hope would be part of the solution,” Annan told reporters in New York yesterday. Discussions on which countries belong in a broader coalition to engineer Assad’s ouster, he said, are at a “fairly early stage.”

Iran has obtained a level of effectiveness that will allow it to influence the developments in a vast and strategic region ranging from the Indian Ocean to the Caspian Sea and from the Persian Gulf to the Eastern Mediterranean. Given the fact that this region has 70 percent of the world’s oil reserves and about 40 percent of its natural gas reserves, the strategic significance of Iran’s influence can be better understood.

Iran declared that foreign intervention in Syria condemned and this problem needs more tolerate and more reforms by Syrian government for they people without any intervention. Foreign intervention cause to be worse situation and any military act by other countries will cause to international crisis. Iran eager to more reforms and sometimes suggest and want from Assad and also condemn support of rebellion by other country. Protesters support military and monetary by other country like western country and Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

In fact at first support of rebellion should be stopped and reform of Syria government with Iran and other Syrian ally suggestion and accompany will resolve.

Mahmud Maleki


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