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2009 Election

The 10th Iranian presidential election was held in 12 of July, 2009. Due to the particular condition and domestic situation in Iran, there was a misunderstanding about the results of the election and oppositions have charged the Islamic Republic for disrespect to the democratic principles. The enemies’ interference in the election followed certain goals;

  1. 1.Targeting nation’s unity
  2. 2.Questioning religious democracy
  3. 3.Separating the nation from the leader
  4. 4.Fighting the Islamic Republic domestically
  5. 5.Nullifying religious beliefs
  6. 6.Bringing dissatisfaction between people and the system
  7. 7.Destroying the government by provocative political groups
  8. 8.Disrupting peoples’ feelings

Finally, after discussions, the Guardian Council has decided and elected four candidates to compete for presidency;

  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: from the very beginning formally stated no spending for his election campaign.
  • Mir Hussein Mousavai: Mohammad Khatami pulled out his candidacy for his interest.
  • Mohsen Rezaei: discussed the idea of collation government.
  • Mehdi Karoubi: was introduced as a candidate on behalf of National Trust Party.

Before the election, Iran’s leader in his speech, stressed on the enemy’s focus on the election and their continuous propaganda against the upcoming election. He also warned for coming of inefficient people.

Repeated failure of hegemonic system from Iran during the last 23 years and Iran’s dramatic progress in this period has led them to plan and perform new methods to deal with Iran. Progress in Technology, offensive strategy in foreign policy, challenging world arrogance, resisting external pressure and many other factors have forced U.S and others to use hard, semi-hard and soft war methods against Iran to overthrow the system. The enemy tried so hard to accomplish its purposes to ignite a soft revolution from within assuming that Iran would be set just like its neighboring countries. We have documents that suggest all opposition parties had planned for this turmoil from before. By organizing Election Monitoring Committee they were trying to imbue people with the idea of fraud and set people ready for challenge. During the turbulence of 2009, the enemy tried to defame religious democracy (election) but he failed to fulfill his goals.

Eventually, according to Statistical Center of Iran, from 46.200.000 people above the age of 18, 39.165.191 people have voted from 08:00 in the morning until 10:00 pm. Around 24 million people voted for Ahmadinejad and he got 63 % of the votes. Mir Hussein Mousavi also gained 33.75 %, Mohsen Rezaei 1.73 % and Mehdi Karoubi 0.75 % of the votes.

Mousavi, Karoubi, and Rezaei objected to the voting procedure and the results and each of them complained in his own way. For instance, Mousavi has written a letter to Iran’s leader calling the results as media’s jugglery.

Despite illegal and irrational reaction of the protesters, the government had complete cooperation with them. Even Iran’s leader has supported the idea of the votes recount. The Guardian Council in a meeting with the other three candidates accepted their request for the votes recount in some areas.

They were given a chance several times to present their complains along with documents legally. However, every time they acted unwisely and chose the wrong way to protest. Utilizing the support of western countries, organizing mass real and virtual media, issuing different statements to arouse people’s feelings, scheduled planning to protest inside and outside the country and many other methods were used by leaders of the rioters to reach their goals.

One of their main mistakes during the protest was targeting offending people’s feelings and religious beliefs that finally caused people to put an end the enemy’s domestic and oversea plots against the Islamic republic by making epic demonstration in 30th of December. Iranian people who voted for ideals rather than people, when they realized that last events started to lead them astray from religious beliefs, revolutionary values and Imam Khomeini’s ideals, millions of people took the streets to demonstrate in 30th of December.

Today the world can see that despite political crimes of the opponents, Iranian nation has become more solid, more united and more powerful than before and all the enemy’s conspiracies have failed.


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