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Iran’s elections are more democratic or that of U.S?

The U.S. officials and media have long accused Iran of holding undemocratic elections. However, the characteristics of numerous elections in Iran during past three decades and its comparison with similar elections in U.S show that Iran’s elections are not only democratic, but also are even more democratic than that of U.S in some ways.

On the eve of presidential elections in Iran, we’re going to do a comparison between Iran and U.S elections.

This comparison helps to gain a better understanding of the Iranian elections and to indicate that contrary to claims by U.S. officials, Iran’s elections are held in a democratic and fair environment.


The some properties of Iran’s elections which distinguish it from similar U.S elections include:

1-     The requirements of Iranian candidates to register for elections are not complicated and the candidates from any political spectrum are able to register for elections. Determining the candidates’ eligibility is performed after registering process and the reasons of disqualification will be announced to a disqualified candidate.

2-     The registration of candidates for elections in Iran is free and they will not pay any money, while in U.S itself, for example, a person applying for registration in elections must pay at least 1000 $.

3-     After determining the candidates’ eligibility, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) airs the promotional videos for candidates freely.

4-     The debates between the candidates are broadcasted by audio-visual media without paying any cash and without any limitations and the people gain a sufficient understanding of candidates before voting.

5-     In Iran, everyone having initial requirements is able to register for elections, while in U.S, the people not affiliated with two major parties are required to collect signatures from people as a confirmation to participate in elections. This process is done at the expense of the individual itself or his sponsors.

According to above points, it is clear that U.S elected president will be finally owed to its sponsors not to people.

The question now is whether the democracy which U.S officials speak about of, to be found more in Iran or U.S itself.  The democratization is a process to which Americans need more than Iranians and it is a point that western media does not mention it, maybe because their interests.

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