Tuesday, 22 September, 2020

Parchin and Its Importance

These days, Parchin becomes an important issue for many media; in other words, it was not a part of nuclear deal reached between Iran and P5+1. The western countries claimed that before any inspection, Iran cleaned up Parchin and there is no evidence to prove that Iran has sought to make nuclear bombs.

United States Center for Security Studies talked about vehicles moving around Parchin. They found them suspicious. Iran has claimed that the movement of vehicles is to construct roads around Parchin and Iran does not want to clean up the area.

Parchin is one of the most important military centers in Iran and it is clear that no country would allow others to investigate its military bases. In other words, Iran should not put trust in international organizations due to the assassination of its nuclear scientists. But there are some managed inspection in Parchin.

Dr. Rouhani proposed that they could inspect and investigate Parchin only for one time. In fact, by letting such inspection, Iran disregarded its own rights to prove the world that its nuclear program has a peaceful nature. As mentioned earlier, no country would let others inspect its military centers and bases.

On the other hand, Iran does not have enough tools to enrich, produce and store uranium. If some activities happened to make nuclear bombs, they could trace easily. Iran has still been at level of enrichment and does not move to other levels. In fact, the peaceful nature of Iran nuclear program can be proved through investigation of Iran’s enrichment level. It is noteworthy that storage of enriched uranium is truly costly. Any nuclear test can be easily detected by the satellite. If Iran made nuclear bombs, the western countries could simply detect their traces.

Who set up an anti-Iran project?

American media have induced its people to be shaken with fear to exert pressure on Obama. By doing so, they try to kill one of the most important deals in the history. But why? One of the reason is due to decisions made by American politicians which are based on the party. They are unaware that such a decision can not only wreak havoc on American economy but also many other countries can be affected as well. Opponents of Iran nuclear deal have given Republicans wrong information, lobbied the media, and launched anti-Iran campaign to kill the deal.

As everyone knows, Israel regime will do anything to destroy Iran nuclear deal. In this case, some Arabic countries have common targets with this regime, resulted in clandestine activities among them to obstruct the deal. It is interesting that many analysts believe deal can secure the region and is for the benefit of all countries. But it seems that they lost their own common sense! Yet, each country, that cannot earn a profit from the deal, tries to kill the deal. It is concluded that roots of such obstruction are obvious. One day, they will understand that such security threats will affect their own countries.

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