Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Parsis welcome a new year and celebrate Navroz

After 10 days of prayers of remembrance, Parsis across India on Monday welcome a new year and celebrate Navroz, in accordance to the calendar followed by a sect of Zoroastrians. Unlike the Gregorian calendar, the calendar Parsis follow has 12 months of exactly 30 days. This adds up to only 360 days, so an additional five days known as the Gatha are added. This marks the solar year. During this period, Parsi families approach the head-priests of the fire temple and ask that a vase of flowers be kept in a special prayer room in memory of their forefathers. The flowers, usually tube-roses and roses, are changed everyday and special prayers are recited.
“The start of the New Year marks the end of the mourning period and is a time for celebration. On Navroz, families would come to the fire temple for morning prayers. It is customary to donate sandalwood to the temple, which will be added to the fire,” says Gev Kias, a member of the community
It is also a day of feasting. The most common sweets that are exchanged are the large plate-sized jalebis and Sutarfeni (which is made from vermicelli). Family get-togethers, cultural events, exchange of gifts are all part of the festivities

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