Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

“Persian Man” Statue Erected in the Persian Gulf Waters

Thanks to the efforts of an Iranian artist, a statue as the symbol of an ancient Persian man was built and erected in the deep waters of the Persian Gulf.

The statue, called as “Persian Man”, was designed and built by Iranian artist Saeed Sadegh Alvad at the order of Kish Environment Department.

This piece of art, 2.7 m height, was designed in 2013 and then erected in the deep waters of the Persian Gulf.

There is a tablet on the hands of the statue on which the name of Persian Gulf has been inscribed in three languages (Ancient Pahlavi, Ancient Greek, and English).

The “Persian Man” statue and alike cases are aimed to develop the coral reef of Kish Island.

The tourists can dive into the Persian Gulf and visit the statue providing that they have the know-how to do so.

As diving is an interesting fun on the shore of Iran’s southern cities as well as Persian Gulf islands, visiting a museum under the water can get more exciting.

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