Sunday, 12 January, 2020

Photos: European luxury “Golden Eagle” train arrives in Isfahan

The luxury tourist train “Golden Eagle” carrying about 42 American and European passengers arrived in Isfahan, the capital of Islamic culture and civilization of Iran, Thursday morning.


The tour leader, Khosrow Aslani, said the foreign tourists will visit historical monuments such as Imam Square Complex, Vank Cathedral, historic area of Julfa, Chehelsotoon Palace Complex, and the Old Mosque during their one-day stay in Isfahan.


The Golden Eagle Train belongs to the Hungarian Railways and arrived in the Iranian northwestern city of Tabriz last Tuesday.


 The train passengers have already toured historical monuments of Tabriz and Zanjan and plan to visit Yazd and Mashhad as well as Shiraz.


On the last leg of their tour, they will end up in Tehran on April 11.


This is the third times that “Golden Eagle-Danube Express” train has traveled to Iran. The first “Golden Eagle” train, made a two-week journey from Budapest to Tehran in October 2014.


Golden Eagle Luxury Trains Limited is the world’s leading operator of luxury rail cruises.


As a private travel agency, Golden Eagle offers trips on luxury trains across Europe, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe.


Since the election of the moderate president, Hassan Rouhani, whose government wants to boost tourism, the number of foreign visitors to Iran has risen sharply.


Iran has accelerated the issuance of tourist visas under the administration of Hassan Rouhani, which has been advocating dialogue with the West.


Following the international agreement between Iran and the world leading powers on ending the nuclear issue last year, Iranian tourism has started to flourish and an increasing number of foreign tourists are visiting Iran.


Photos Credit: Kazem Ghane, Irna

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