Monday, 13 January, 2020

Possibilities about Ending “Operation Decisive Storm”

While Saudi-led coalitions declared end to Yemen operation, there are several possibilities about why Saudi Arabia halted “Decisive Storm” unexpectedly.

By announcing its victory over achieving the desired objectives, Saudi Arabia ended the confrontation. As some analysts believe, Saudi Arabia achieved one of its objectives, including the devastation of Houthis’ weapons and military power, through airstrikes; consequently, when achieved, Saudi Arabia halted the confrontation.

Another analysts believe that due to mind-blowing costs of war and the influence of public opinions, all pushed Saudi Arabia to end its intervention in spite of spent costs.

On the other hand, it is supposed that diplomatic pressures and political promises in the political future of Yemen encouraged Al Saud to stop the operation. At the outset, Saudi Arabia justified the objective of operation restoring Mansour Hadi to power and defending the legal government of Yemen but failed to achieve such an objective.

Moreover, during the last days, we have news about the mediation of Oman to urge Saudi Arabia to talk with Iranians and Houthis for ending Yemeni conflict peacefully and Iranian officials told such news before the declaration of halting Decisive Storm. Such a possibility can boost secret talks between Iran and United States to stop Saudi-led coalition.

Some of the other reasons are the news indicating the deteriorating health of Salman of Saudi Arabia, internal conflict of Al Saud, and disagreements of Saudi Princess as to operation called “Decisive Storm’.

In addition, after launching the operation, some analysts believe that it was started to derail Iran’s nuclear talks. It is remarkable that drafting the deal in Lausanne has been started since today.

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