Monday, 16 March, 2020

Precipitation of Crisis in West Bank

By: Mansour Afrasiabi

Israel regime has recently placed more limitations on some parts of the occupied Palestine especially the West Bank. Anti-Palestinian measures have lately been on the increase, resulting in more aggression of Palestinians. In other words, it is likely that such protest will trigger the third Intifada in the region.

Crisis in Syria and Iraq, attack of Saudi Arabia to Yemen, and harassment of ISIS have provided a wonderful opportunity for Israel to annex the West Bank among numerous crises available in the Islamic World.

If Israel regime had been successful of bombarding Gaza Strip, its objectives in the West Bank would have been fulfilled. Israeli allies should nudge Israel about the hazardous consequences of any intervention in the West Bank because if a crisis is precipitated in the West Bank, it will not be limited only to this land and other regions will be affected as well.

When ISIS caused havoc and murdered many innocent people in Iraq and Syria with the help of the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, Islamic Republic of Iran has warned the supporters of this terrorist group that one day you yourself will be affected by the consequences of your creation! Today, western countries have faced some serious challenges such as flood of Syrian refuges to western territories. In other words, it can be a beginning of a new crisis in Europe. Who can guarantee that there aren’t any members of ISIS amid the flood of Syrian refugees? If true, western countries along with their allies should prepare themselves to fight with their three-headed dog.

The West Bank is not excluded. In other words, if Israel exerts more pressure on Palestinians living in the West Bank, the crisis will be exported to another regions. Therefore, the issued warning about ISIS will be given once more about the West Bank. Hoping western countries would be all ears.

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