Saturday, 01 February, 2020

Production of Renault’s Sandero launched in Iran

Iranian state-owned carmaker Pars Khodro on Tuesday morning inaugurated the production line of Renault’s Sandero.

Pars Khodro and French carmaker Renault are set to produce 15,000 Sandero hatchbacks in Iran by the end of the year, According to a report by Finantial Tribune.


Renault’s Sandero model, which will be released under the name B90 in Iran, will be produced 40% locally, Iran’s magazine Donyaye Khodro quoted CEO of carmaker Azin Khodro Reza Rezae as saying.


Earlier in June, Pars Khodro, partly owned by Saipa, said it had started trial production of the Renault Sandero.


Pars Khodro also produces other Renault branded Dacia cars in the local market under a license agreement from Renault. The company has been producing the Dacia Logan since 2006. The car is referred to in Iran as Tondar 90 or L90.

The Sandero supermini will be the first Renault sport model to be built outside of Europe.


Pars Khodro was Renault’s partner in a joint venture before the French carmaker slammed the door on the Iranian company in 2012 when sanctions were imposed on the Islamic Republic, Press Tv reported.

With the finalization of nuclear talks with Iran, French automakers are back with a vengeance in order to redeem the lost ground, mostly to Chinese companies.


Renault was first reported in January to be planning to use $562 million of funds stuck in Iranian banks under the sanctions to buy a 45% stake in Pars Khodro.

Western companies are salivating at the prospects of a pent-up demand in the Iranian market which produced 1.6 million cars before sanctions cut the output by 1 million units a year.


Iran is the Middle East’s biggest car producer but the country’s automotive industry needs modernizing after years of sanctions.

Germany’s Volkswagen and Daimler also have indicated their interest in returning to Iran, sending their executives to Tehran with Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel in July.

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1 Comment

  1. Farshad

    July 4, 2021 at 2:12 am

    Iran needs to come to it’s senses and produce a national SUV brand as if the production of such a entity through a competition of car segments represents a brain power of such a talent from the country. If you could resemble the idea of the power that would entail by itself you could resemble it to the idea of a soccer team that is a main core segment of the sport arena from every country and it represents the power of muscle, talent, tactics, and plans of how to achieve a better score. Having and Building a SUV in a country ( Not joint venture, Not Montage) would tremendously face lift the image of the company as well.
    On that note the quality matters more than quantity. Here you are not selling barrels of oil to compete with regional Persian Gulf countries. Examples: Just like Italian car manufactures like Ferrari or Lamborghinis. they produce little but to the best ultimate result of satisfaction and pride; in a sense that even a worker from that company when it passes by the street with his or her bicycle and see one of these cars, he or she will get the sense of fulfillment and pride. opposite motion in our country when you sit behind one of those cars you fill pride that has not root what so ever. you are just showing of the power of your money but not your brain, and that is not smart. if we don’t roll up our sleeves now, in 10 to 20 years we are going to be so behind.
    On two sectors we have to jump start as soon as possible:
    One is commercial Airplane that is build locally and the other is producing SUV in the car segment with high quality.
    when I say quantity, it matters but followed with high quality and choosing a right formula for the steel you are using for the body segment of the car with the right thickness so it doesn’t bend so easily when you get involve in an accident with any other car. Another note to consider is that we have to stop relying on other car manufacturers and act toward expanding our investment toward R&D and connect universities and those with such a high talent of designing whether they are abroad or inland to signify a power of our talent through a car manufacturing. Thank you for reading.

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