Tuesday, 11 June, 2019

Prominent Iranian Surgeon Javad Heyat Passed Away

Prominent Iranian surgeon, Professor Javad Heyat, passed away at 90 on the morning August 12.

Born-Tabriz Dr. Heyat suffered from pneumonia and had been placed in the intensive care unit department of the Central Custom Hospital.

Dr. Javad Heyat was born in a spiritual family in Tabriz in 1925. Has lived a life dedicated to surgery and Iranian patient care scientific research.

In 1962, he carried out the first open heart operation in Iran successfully. After that, he was awarded with “The first-class Labour Order” for successful condition for the first time in Iran change of heart, valves, change of heart in animals, for the first time the human kidney transplantation in Tehran.

He was an author of the lesson of the book in three volumes in Persian on surgery, five of the Turkish, two Persian Turkologic books in seven volumes. They are “Thrombophlebitis and its treatment” monograph, “General surgery”, “Surgical lessons”, etc. These books are still in Iran lesson book for medical students.

Dr. Javad Heyat was a member of Board of Directors of the International Society of Surgery and Paris International Academy of Surgery, Istanbul University honorary Turkish doctor, doctor of medical sciences of Istanbul Medical Faculty of the same university and honorary member of the Turkish Language Institution, Honorary Doctor of the Baku State University and Azerbaijan Medical University, world-famous surgeon , scientist and a powerful writer.

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