Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

Rapprochement between Iran and ISIS?!

By: Broomand

These days there are some allegations about the connection of Iran and ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Can it be called as rapprochement or not? The involvement of Iran in Iraq was due to formal request of its President. Iran has always tried to prevent from any sectarian struggle between Sunnis and Shiites. In other words, Iran does not consider ISIS as Sunni but instead they are neither Sunni nor Muslim.

The point is that any measures that Iran has taken are because of formal request of Iraqi President. Therefore, Iran has not taken any actions without their official permission.

As Iranian officials said redlines of Iran are its territory, Baghdad, and Iraq’s Holy Places; consequently, they fend for themselves in the framework of national security. Another point that should be mentioned is that Iran did not go beyond Saladin and has left other Northern Provinces such as Tikrit to Iraqi Kurds. It is up to them whether to fight or flight!

Israeli media rub salt into the Middle East’s wounds by writing and publishing such news. In other words, they are used to spreading such propaganda that Iran and ISIS have close cooperation with each other by providing some pretexts about the lack of Iran’s military involvement in Iraq’s Northern Provinces. As mentioned earlier, Iran left these areas to Iraqi Kurds.

By taking a look at ISIS, it will be conspicuous that which countries are on the ISIS side. It is NOT Iran but some western and Arabic countries which take some interests in augmenting the Middle East crises.

Last but not least, US is willing to be present in the Middle East; therefore, American officials make all their attempts to provide some pretexts for the involvement into the region. One of such pretexts is the connection between Iran and ISIS. US is well aware that its withdrawal from Iraq has given Iranians some valuable opportunities such as Iran’s influence in Iraq. Having found that, US no longer wants to miss another opportunity.

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