Friday, 09 March, 2018

‘Rayan Tourism Village’: An Attraction in the Heart of the Mountain


The ‘Rayan Tourism Village‘  is located 30 km from Natanz on the foothill of Karkas Mountains in Isfahan province.

The executive operations of the project launched in 2009 in an area of 100 hectares and completed in 2013.

The first phase of the project included 30 villas, a traditional restaurant, a teahouse, a fast food, an artificial lake and cycling and horse racing tracks.

The cable cars and ski resort of the village were built in the second phase of the project and a five-star hotel will be constructed in the third phase.

The village is 2,500 meters above the sea level.

Rayan1 Rayan2 Rayan3 Rayan4 Rayan5 Rayan6 Rayan7 Rayan8 Rayan10 Rayan11 Rayan12 Rayan13 Rayan14 Rayan15 Rayan16 Rayan17 Rayan18 Rayan19 Rayan20 Rayan21 Rayan22 Rayan23 Rayan24 Rayan25 Rayan26

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