Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

Reaction to Sen. Kirk’s letter on 290 killed Americans

Iran deal has become subject of heated debate within US Congress over the last months. Earlier to any ratification, the bill should be reviewed in the Congress but Republicans are fond of waging a new war in the Middle East. The more Obama Administration has tried to choose a diplomatic option rather than hard power, the more they have had a tendency to kill the deal. There are myriad measures, taken by Republicans, to push US into a new war. For example, the recent letter issued by Sen. Kirk in the US Congress has raised doubts about true will of the United States concerning the deal.

Following the recent act which is passed in the Congress, ‘Justice for Victims of Iranian Terrorism Act’ can divide Iranian frozen assets into two parts! One part for victims of terrorism, another part for Iranian themselves! In reaction to this letter, Realiran wrote a letter, demanding Iran’s genuine damages caused by US and Saddam during Iran-Iraq Imposed War. Feel free to read letters of Sen. Kirk and Realiran, mentioned in the following:

To All American Officials

October 13, 2021

Dear Sen. Kirk,

All Iranians are aware of your list (Iran-sponsored Hezbollah terrorists have murdered more than 290 American citizens). But let me rewrite it properly “US-sponsored Saddam murdered countless innocent Iranians during Iran-Iraq Imposed War. The role of the United States is palpable in killing thousands of Iranians by giving intelligence, weapons, and logistics to Iraqi former despot, Saddam.

There are many evidence showing that Iran is the victim of terrorism. For example, Iraqi soldiers murdered thousands of Iranian civilians as mercilessly as possible. To prove you the innocence of Iranians in the abovementioned war, I present you some statistics as well as more than 40 pics, depicting the oppression of US-backed Saddam.

The war is often said to have caused half a million or more deaths. The Battle Deaths Dataset, developed by a team of political scientists, estimates fatalities at more than 600,000. The Correlates of War Project, another major scholarly dataset, estimates 500,000 Iraqi dead and 750,000 Iranian dead.

According to some sources, the war cost Iran an estimated 200,000–220,000 killed, or up to 262,000 according to the conservative Western estimates. This includes 123,220 combatants, 60,711 MIA and 11,000-16,000 civilians. Combatants include 79,664 members of the Revolutionary Guard Corps and additional 35,170 soldiers from regular military. In addition, prisoners of war comprise 42,875 Iranian casualties, they were captured and kept in Iraqi detention centers from 2.5 to more than 15 years after the war was over. According to the Janbazan Affairs Organization, 398,587 Iranians sustained injuries that required prolonged medical and health care following primary treatment, including 52,195 (13%) injured due to the exposure to chemical warfare agents. From 1980 to 2012, 218,867 Iranians died due to war injuries and the mean age of combatants was 23 years old. This includes 33,430 civilians, mostly women and children. More than 144,000 Iranian children were orphaned as a consequence of these deaths. Other estimates put Iranian casualties up to 600,000.

As a conclusion, all Iranians hope that the United States would recognize Iran as a victim not as a sponsor of terrorism. Damages caused by the war are approximately more than 1000 billion dollars. Due to some internal conflict in Iraq, Iran has so far condoned such huge amounts of damages. But if US Congress passed “Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act”, US would pay reparations to Iranians due to its support for Saddam. If Iran were to pay 43.5 billion dollars, US should pay more than 1000 billion dollars. As Dr. Rouhani told, Iran embraces cooperation and dialogue with the world but should be based on “mutual respect.”

We look forward to your reply

Peacefully yours,

Iranian Nation

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