Saturday, 31 March, 2018

Report of US State Department Destroys Nuclear Talks


By: Vahid Jafarian

Since nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1 get closer to its end, US State Department published a report, claiming that Iran has continued its terrorist activities in 2014.

Such a report has accused Iran of supporting so-called terrorist groups in Gaza, Iraq, Middle East, and even in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Notwithstanding such false allegations, made by US, have long-standing records which have been repeatedly used by Americans to cover their shortcomings, calling Iran as the support of terrorism, but question is why US State Department has published such a report at this very time?

Did US State Department miss the point that publishing such a report may dwindle trust-making process and make the other side have pessimistic intentions? Why at this very time when interior and exterior hardliners both in Iran and US try to derail nuclear talks? Doesn’t US know that Israel and some Arabic countries try to find an opportunity to obstruct the process of nuclear talks? Publishing such a report has given them an ideal opportunity to fulfill their purposes. Why has US State Department, which is in charge of direct nuclear talks with Iran, tried to make Congress clam and in return published such a report?

Anyway, such measures, taken by US, have long-standing records in history and Americans had tried to make the other side feel distrusted and had indirectly strengthened those opposing nuclear talks in Iran since Geneva deal in 2013.

On the other hand, this report contains new points, needed to more attention. In this report, Iran, along with ISIS and Al-Qaeda, is the support of terrorism and a serious threat to US national interests. It is written that Iran has intensified its operations and promoted Shiite militias in reaction to ISIS attacks to Iraq and Syria.

As some countries have involved in so-called anti-ISIS direct and indirect confrontation, this question is raised why Iran is among ISIS and Al-Qaeda in supporting terrorism?! Is the support of various groups in Iraq, fighting with ISIS and with Iraqi officials’ request, called “terrorist activities”? Is the support of Hezbollah and Hamas, fighting for the independence of their country, called as “terrorist action”?

As a conclusion, it seems that publishing of the report is for Israel, Saudi and other opponents’ benefit, leading to the obstruction of nuclear talks’ process, prior to its time, by promoting interior and exterior hardliner’s positions.

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