Friday, 06 July, 2018

Reuters runs 50 fake news items a day about Iran’s economy, Zarif says


Reuters news agency runs 50 fake news items a day about Iran’s economy, Iranian foreign minister has said.

“These days Reuters news agency is producing about 50 fake news a day about Iran’s economy. A certain group is being financially backed by a neighboring country and is tasked with publishing such news implying that the whole world is withdrawing from Iran.” Zarif said during a meeting of Iran’s chamber of commerce on Sunday.

Zarif also commented on Trump’s foreign policy, saying his behavior is disrupting the international order.

“He is destroying the order which is the result of 70 years of investment. No sane man in the West would want this order to be disrupted.”

On Trump’s Iran policy, Zarif said, “We are talking about an Iran which is backed by the world while Trump stands alone.”

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