Friday, 20 December, 2019

Rouhani Plants a Sapling on Tree-Planting Day

Promoting the tree planting culture in Iran! Every year, just before the Iranian New Year, millions of Iranians plant trees to mark the tree-planting week and hail the coming of spring. During the week, Tehran municipality is distributing free saplings. This year, as usual the event was marked by the Iranian president.

Panting a tree on the occasion of “tree planting day”, Rouhani said on Thursday that consideration for the environment is not only important for the beauty of the country but necessary for a healthy and sustainable life.

He said the message of the day is that there is no other way but to reconcile with the environment and try best to safeguard it.

Rouhani also said that tree planting was perhaps a symbolic gesture in the past, but presently it is necessary for a healthy living and must be given extra weight to.

“The environmental problems are more tangible now than ever before; we see how our citizens are suffering from dust particles”, Rouhani said, pointing to the dust storm in the southern and western provinces in Iran.

With advanced technology, proper management and investment and more importantly through reconciliation between people and environment, it is possible to prevent man-made environmental disaster, he noted.

He also raised the issue of the extinction of many of animal and plant species, saying both people and government can take initiatives to create clean air and healthy environment and root out the environmental threats.

Rouhani also said that those citizens who travel the country during the Noruz holidays are liable to keep the environment clean.

He suggested that every citizen plant at least one tree on the “tree planting day” which falls on the first day of “the week of safeguarding natural resources”.

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