Wednesday, 10 January, 2018

Rouhani slams US travel ban; calls Trump a ‘newcomer’ in politics

Iranian president said that the United States’ temporary ban against citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries is due to new president being a “newcomer” in the world of politics.

Addressing a ceremony in Tehran on Wednesday on Space Technology Day in Iran, Hassan Rouhani said that revoking visas to other nationalities is what novice politicians do, EFE reported.

“These are the newcomers who were not in the world of politics and they were in another world and they have now come to the world of politics and they inflict harm on themselves and others in a fully new atmosphere,” the Iranian leader said.

In Rouhani’s view, Donald Trump’s ban has revealed the hypocrisy of the US, since it has always claimed it opposed the Iranian regime, but supported the people.

He added that Trump has “revealed this hypocrisy and displayed what is in their hearts. He took measures which merely target a number of our dear citizens or Muslims and people in other countries”.

Trump’s order suspends entry to the country for three months for citizens of Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran.

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