Saturday, 28 May, 2016

Ruses of West in Nuclear Talks

Geneva to Host Next Round of Nuclear Talks before January 20

By: Bobbie

As nuclear talks are being finalized in Vienna, again rumor was spread that talks will be extended once more to July 13 or even more. It seems that both sides are satisfied with the probable deal. But there are still some gaps and issues needed to be solved immediately.
Why isn’t there any progress? Do you think why there is no progress after long-standing talks? But instead I do believe that there is progress in talks. Another question is that why there are lots of concerns about Iran and its nuclear program? The former lies in the excessive demands of the west and P5+1. The latter is because they still consider Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism. With respect to terrorism, Iran has been a victim of terrorism especially during the 8-year war.
There are still some rumor in the western media, portraying the viewpoint of western countries to Iran and its nuclear program. There is no comment on them because it is conspicuously obvious that rumor spreads everywhere…
“An article in The Atlantic on Tuesday suggested that they will certainly attempt to obstruct the approval of a deal that has already been widely criticized for including concessions to the Iranian government and the abandonment of initial US negotiating positions. The Los Angeles Times points out that three major demands – that Iran halt all nuclear fuel production, dismantle its nuclear infrastructure, and limit its ballistic missile stockpile and development – have all disappeared over the course of the negotiating process.”
“Reuters reports that a senior US official reiterated on Tuesday that the relevant restrictions will remain in place and are not being reconsidered within the framework of the nuclear talks. But The Guardian claims that the US and the three EU nations that are members of the P5+1 group do not enjoy support from the other members in rejecting this demand. There has reportedly been significant dissent from Russia, a major Iran trading partner and a partner in various instances of sanctions defiance. This, according to The Guardian is part of the reason for the delay that now threatens to push the talks back past the July 9 benchmark.”
“An editorial published Tuesday in The Blaze put a creative spin on these policy recommendations, suggesting that the US reevaluate the talks and start over from scratch by demanding just one condition: Free and fair elections in Iran.”
As a conclusion, all abovementioned rumor, spreading in western media, can show the inability of western countries to bow before Iranians. As Dr. Zarif said “never threaten an Iranian.” Western countries are used to showing their stick-covered carrot. They think that by threatening Iranians, they could get their goals but instead, as history shows, Iranians have proved that they will tolerate pressure but will not surrender.

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