Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

S300: New Excuse of Israel to Obstruct Nuclear Talks

In reaction to Russia’s delivery of S300 to Iran, Israel’s Intelligence Minster said “Delivery of such missiles to Iran will derail nuclear talks.” In this respect, John Kerry has said the same allegations as well.

We should ask Israel’s Intelligence Minster about relations between the delivery of such defensive weapons and nuclear talks. Such reactions produced by Israel and some of its regional allies indicate that they cannot derail the nuclear talks; hence, they are concerned about a deal which can facilitate development of Iran. They rely on any ways to kill the deal whereas this path has been chosen by Iran, following sincerely.

The current position of process of nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1 has shaped in a way that with or without the deal, no factor can stop development process of Iran. Iran is willing to make a deal; in this respect, not only Israel but also any other countries cannot prevent Iran from its development process by creating crises in the region. Iranian people can pave this difficult way by relying only on their Supreme Leader and officials of Foreign Affairs Ministry.

With respect to delivery of S300 to Iran and concerns of US and Israel, it is said that if Iran were to seek for long-range missiles, then Israel could be worry about it. In other words, S300 is an air defensive system, used for defense not devastation.

Iran does not seek for attacking another country. During the 8-year-war, Iran proved that Iranians could defend their own security and interests with bare hands; consequently, the relation between delivery of S300 and nuclear talks is complete baseless. In other words, such allegations made due to indignation. But of course such anger is good for Iranians because as you know, no common sense in indignation.

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