Friday, 15 November, 2019

Saudi Arabia: Flagrant Human Rights Violations and Religious Cleansing

By: M.H.B

Amnesty International has recently issued a report concerning that Saudi Arabia has planned to execute 55 persons, on a charge of attending the peaceful anti-government rally.

According to Saudi-backed Okaz newspaper, Saudi officials have claimed that they are charged with terrorist activities. On the other hand, Amnesty International has warned 6 Shia Muslims from Al-Sharqiya Province are among 55 persons Saudi has determined to execute soon. As Amnesty International officials said: “Certainly, Saudi officials have misused counterterrorism laws under the pretext of attaining their political goals. 3 out of 6 persons are young. It is claimed that they are tortured in the jail.”

It is said that one of these young persons is Ali Mohammed Baqir al-Nimr, the nephew of Nimr al-Nimr whose execution sparked condemnations and caused chaos in the Middle East.

His execution has aroused the anger of many human rights organizations. As a result, Iran and Saudi Arabia have cut their political and commercial ties. Many world countries especially European ones condemned such brutal action. Having the rotating presidency of UN Human Rights Council, Saudi Arabia has tried to misuse topics regarding terrorism and terrorist activities in order to eliminate its political opponents.

Some people believe that Saudi Arabia has resorted to brutal and inhumane activities in a bid to increase ethnic and religious cleansings all over the country. In other words, they used their money to exert their influence over the region to legitimize their kingdom. It is vital for Saudi princes to accelerate the process in the current conditions that the number of kingdom claimers is on the rise and physical condition of its ruler is getting deteriorated.

But what Saudi officials are unaware is the dangerous consequences of their action in the region in this very critical time. The ongoing incidents in the region such as those happening in Iraq and Syria, from one hand, the cancerous presence of ISIL, on the other hand, have threatened the stability of the Middle East.

Consequently, it is expected another massive protests in case of execution of these innocent people. In this regard, their mothers issued a statement: “We would not be silent in case of the execution of our innocent children. Saudi officials would take responsibility of any imminent consequences.” According to the statement: “Our children are innocent. They did not kill and injure anybody. All charges are baseless.”

It seems that Saudi officials are filled with arrogance due to their countless money. In other words, they are putting an end to their illegal establishment with their own hands. As Iran’s Foreign Minister said: “Iran wants a strong and united Saudi Arabia.” Any instability in Saudi Arabia can make the whole region chaotic as well as instable, paving the way for the more activities of terrorist groups such as ISIL. Such groups with Salafi-based doctrines can wreak havoc on the entire region if they take control of Saudi Kingdom.

It is concluded that those human rights organizations, whose activities are focused on defending human rights all over the world, should take some actions in order to prevent any all-out war from happening in the region. They should stop Saudi’s anti-human activities, making them halt the execution of Shia Muslims and even any innocent people. If not, the whole region would face some drastic instabilities as well as chaos.

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