Friday, 17 January, 2020

Saudis Bribing U.S. Officials to Scuttle the Iran Deal

U.S. senators receiving Saudi black money to scuttle Iran nuclear deal, Sen. Rand Paul said in an interview with Canadian daily National Post.

Confirming the previous allegations,  Paul (R-KY) accused a number of high-ranking officials in congress of accepting millions of dollars from Saudi Embassy in Washington to eradicate the historic nuclear deal sealed between Iran and  P5+1 group.

National Post cited the Republican senator as saying on Friday: “It is indeed deplorable that Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and many others whom I even abhor to call colleagues— have betrayed their country, jeopardized our national security and filled their pockets with Saudi petrodollar in order to veto a deal which can guarantee no arms race would ever erupt in the volatile Middle-East. I have numerous incontrovertible evidence substantiating my claims.”

“Our founding fathers left us with a great legacy of dignity, moral rectitude and not bowing before despot kings, but regrettably there is a bipartisan coterie of corrupt senators who capriciously crave for Saudi money, and thus being accomplice in horrifying crimes masterminded and committed by Saudi regime as tens of thousands of Yemeni civilians are being slaughtered, let alone the innocent American souls perished in 9/11 terrorist attacks.” added Paul.

“I am so keen to ask Sen. Menendez his reasons for voting against Iran deal, is it because he obtained million of dollars in bribe from his Saudi friends or his sincere sense of patriotism? I want to ask him what is his rational alternatives to end the current impasse and futile hostility with Tehran which lasted for more than three decades? though I am sure that he has no answer for all my questions because he knows better than I do that corruption is deep-rooted in our political system,” added Sen. Paul who supports Obama administration’s rapprochement with Iran.

These new allegations questioning the integrity of U.S senate and its legibility for certifying the deal have marked, continued Sen. Paul, a new speck of denigration on the U.S government.

Dr. Waleed Hazbun, Professor of Political Science from American University of Beirut, believes in most likelihood, any attempt aimed at halting the implementation of the nuclear concord is doomed to fail. The international community has already welcomed the deal and signs of reestablishing major economic and political relationships with Iran are bristling unabatedly everywhere. Moreover, Washington’s European partners have been grubbing over each other in the last few weeks to enter Iran‘s lucrative markets; Dr. Hazbun added, Chinese and Russians are too boosting their economic ties with Iran without a semblance of regard for the U.S Senate’s confirming or rejecting the deal.


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