Tuesday, 16 July, 2019

Saudis do not have power to ban Iranian oil tankers

Iran says Saudi Arabia cannot ban its oil tankers from travelling in international waters – a move that experts believe Riyadh has devised to slow down Iran’s oil exports through a political context.

“What specific power does Saudi Arabia have to ban Iran’s tankers?” the media have quoted Bijan Zangeneh, Iran’s oil minister, as telling reporters on Saturday.

Zangeneh made the remark in response to a question regarding reports that Saudi Arabia has reportedly banned Iranian oil tankers from entering its waters.

The Financial Times reported last Monday that Iranian ships are restricted from entering Saudi ports, and Bahrain, a Saudi ally, has issued similar restrictions. Also, Iran has been unable to access some oil in storage at a facility in Egypt, which is partially owned by Saudi Arabia, the FT added.

Nevertheless, the Saudi move is already viewed by experts as fruitless as tankers.

Parviz Mina, a former member of OPEC Long-Term Strategy Committee, told Trend on this past Wednesday that tankers, which load oil from Iran’s Kharg and Lavan – the main two Iranian oil terminals, do not need to enter the Saudi territorial waters to sail to other countries.

Mina also emphasized that Saudi territorial waters are hardly a major factor in Persian Gulf shipping lines.

He further said a problem may occur only if a tanker loads oil from both Iran and Saudi Arabia, which is mostly unlikely.

“Very rarely a tanker would load two types of crude oil,” Mina told Trend.

“So, this will not impose any negative effect on Iran’s crude export and should be considered as a new rhetoric between the two rival countries,” he said.

Press TV

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  1. V. s. a

    April 11, 2021 at 10:42 am

    down with saudis

  2. Amir

    April 11, 2021 at 5:40 pm

    Watch 60 Minutes on CBS, April 10th 2016, the count down on Saudi Arabia going down, reverse, has been started by introducing its involvements in 911 (9-11-2021) New York disasters. It was hidden to the public until now since the monarch had a lot of connections in US. So to all Saudis; get ready for the departure of all the Saudi royal families who enjoy the fun in its imaginary terms, but not in its real terms, life. As Iranian say, ” Asheh kashkeh khalateh- nakhori pateh- bekhori pateh.” Yemen is like a tomb that was prepared for the final act; burial of the corrupted family. It is like having fun, lots of it, with somebody else’s money; the poor people of the said country.
    To me, Hajj should be banned by all countries until Saudi families have left the country or deposed from their seats.
    The final act is almost at the end.

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