Saturday, 14 September, 2019

Saudi’s Security Gap

As you know, during these days, there is news that Mohammad Bin Salman was seriously injured in the attack to Al-Salil military base by Houthis. Such news spread when Saudi officials are silent about his health.

The point is that whether Yemeni people knew about his presence in Al-Salil military base or such an attack was absolutely accidental.

As Saudi officials have repeatedly announced, Yemeni people have some Scuds which can target strategic centers of Saudi Arabia as exactly as possible. But they have not used such missiles but two times against Saudi military centers. In one of them, several Saudi officials, especially Saudi Air Force Commander-in-Chief, were killed. Although, Saudi officials did not affirm his death as a result of explosion but instead they said that he died of heart attack! Except such cases, Yemeni people hardly use such missiles.

It stands to reason that Yemeni people have never used such missiles without any predetermined target and did not jeopardize their Scuds.

The hurt of Mohammad Bin Salman during an attack by Houthis indicates that there is a gap in Saudi’s security. For example, this gap gets more obvious when the king of Saudi said his prayer in a high-secured area in Mecca.

Notwithstanding Mohammad Bin Salman survived from this attack but Saudi officials should be on alert because of the gap in their security systems. The factor, (security gap) that overthrew Saddam Hussain and Ba’ath Party, can topple down Saudi Arabia once more in the Middle East.

By removing and installing various people, Mohammad Bin Salman, who is in charge of Saudi Arabia due to his aging father, tried to prevent from any coup against his father but despite of all his attempts, he cannot solve Saudi’s internal conflicts. Due to that, many princess are indignant about what he did.

Attack to Yemen, giving a speech in an intoxicated manner, spending lots of money on his honeymoon in Paris and so on are some of Mohammad Bin Salman’s actions, making many princess angry with him. All such actions have created havoc on the security of Saudi Arabia.

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