Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

Should French woman’s rapist in Iran face execution?

By: M.H.Broomand

A few months ago, the news of a 23-year-old French tourist who was raped by 4 Afghans in northern district of Tehran rapidly spread everywhere.

The raped woman told the police station that she is French and has used to climbing for many years.

She added that “I arrived in Iran through Armenian-Iranian border. I surfed the Internet about Iranian mountains; therefore, I was fond of going climbing in Tehran’s mountains. Some moments ago, some Afghans made some troubles for me, threatening to harass and rape me.”

Afterwards, police agents tried to arrest one of perpetrators. During interrogation, he told them that there are four Afghans who raped the woman.

In this regard, rapist told the media that he was a worker in Farahzad. ‘I saw a foreign women. Her beauty allured and made me rape her.’

After his confession, other three Afghans were arrested before leaving the country. The trial will be held on Monday and the victim is still in French Embassy in Tehran.

The point is that according to Iran’s Laws and Regulations, all rapists, regardless of religion and nationality, should face execution. But those human rights organizations, which can be found in France, use such cases as the rising number of execution in Iran to exert pressure and impose sanctions on Iran.

The number of execution due to rape has the third place after drug and murder in Iran which such statistics are very considerable.

French media and press unanimously covered the story against Iran, trying to make Iran an unsafe country for all tourists.

However, Islamic Republic of Iran has invariably has proved that there is no discrimination between Iranian citizens and other nationalities for bringing all criminals to justice.

It is hoped that such laws are not used to put Iran under more pressure.

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