Monday, 19 August, 2019

Shush in World Heritage List

UNESCO experts have arrived in Shush, Khuzestan Province on Wednesday to register this historical city in the World Heritage List. During this three-day visit, Mohammad Hossein Talebian, Iran’s Cultural Heritage deputy, and the General-Director of Khuzestan Cultrual Heritage Afshin Heidari are accompanying Ms. Esther Laroche, Director and Representative of UNESCO Cluster Office in Tehran, and Gen Tang the evaluator at the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). Governor of Sush Reza Nejati noted that the archaeological site of Shush has been well-prepared for the visit of the UNESCO experts for registering this historical city in the World Heritage List. “We need to have the archaeological site of Shush globally registered in order to develop Khuzestan’s tourism,” he said.

Shush has been introduced to UNESCO for inscription in the World Heritage List in 2015. Khuzestan province has already registered Choghazanbil Ziggurat (Temple) in Shush and the Shushtar water mills. The archaeological site of Shush which covers 400 acres of land is home to numerous monuments belonging to various periods of time. Shush is one of the most famous historical cities in Iran that once served as the capital for the Elamite Empire as well as the winter capital for the Achaemenid Empire.


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