Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Sister Cities and Cultural Diplomacy

By: Mansour Afrasiabi

We deal with two categories such as human and culture in a phenomenon called as sister cities. The main purpose of all sister cities is the expansion of unity among those citizens who have common cultural, scientific, and technological purposes and interests. The first sister city has been dated back to 1920 between a city in England and a city in France.

One of essential elements of all sister cities is cultural, historical, and scientific similarities or even one common symbol. Today, one of the ways for improvement of the cultural affinity is to find some cultural similarities whereupon cultural exchanges will be happened. These elements include high capacities for development as well as making a world free from violence. In this regard, such diplomacy is of great importance due to people’s general culture including customs and traditions. Diplomacy is essential to obtain such a phenomenon.

Diplomatic customs and interests will become more important when both sides cooperate with each other to get a common purpose. Using diplomacy along with the phenomenon called as sister city is the best way to encourage people having more cooperation with one another.

Unfortunately, these days, international relations are based on interests which have impacts on other issues. Every country tries to get what it does need, considering only its own interests. On the contrary, this phenomenon is based on culture as well as common interests.

The attention to the culture of human beings in a framework of diplomacy is very important and can prevent many international conflicts from happening. Today, world has suffered from phenomena such as terrorism, violence, and extremism. Consequently, we should not forget that the root of terrorism, violence, and extremism lie in propagandizing cultural contrasts among nations. Therefore, by emphasizing on civil diplomacy and common cultural customs and traditions, different culture can prevent such terrorism, violence and extremism.

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