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So called Coalition for Security of Hormuz!

By: A.R.Ghofrani
January 23, 2022

Last week a few European as well as Asian states in an ambiguous and to some extent dubious move built up a coalition in a bid to so-called serving the security of Strait of Hormuz! Doing this, the purpose of which remains to be verified, they also are using faked names for this vital international water passage that could not but being provocative.

In this brief note, Government of France mostly has to be addressed. Purposely or not, the government of South Korea has involved in this, apparently being pressured by big powers although serving its economic interests. Serving its own interests is an inviolable right of any country provided that will not cost at the expense of the territorial integrity as well as the security of others. Certainly these kinds of acts, perpetrated by any state, will not fade away from historical minds of the countries in the region.

Certainly France is pretty aware that the security and the peace in the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf have been well served for decades and littoral states been obsessive and mindful to do this. Again, based on undeniable documents and experiences, the government in Paris needs to beware that the peace and security in the Persian Gulf have been there unless others being thousands of miles away have military presence in the region.Definitley, all coastal states in the region wants the big powers out, even some of them agreed to do otherwise under the pressures. So the French government, not always being transparent, is strongly reminded to avoid advantures.Because this will serve neither the interests of the countries of the region nor those of hers. France needs to know that there are highly lucrative markets of hundreds of millions of people on the territories in the north of this waterway being very attractive for “mercantile state” such as French government and others. Given the tight economic competition in the world, France should be foresightedness before it is too late.

Last but not the least is the use of faked name of Persian Gulf by the French which denies the historical and geographical fact of this water passge.There is, categorically, firm and undeniable instruments that imply those facts crystal clear for all people of the world and no need for repetition. French ought to refer to those documents. Moreover the French leaders and those responsible for its foreign policy need to go through the UN documents, in which the world body requires all member states to use only historical and real name of the water passage, which is binding for all the members. It will be a good advice if French government to think again and reflect on the facts before it is taken as the country among those disrespecting the international regulations and norms.

Let us the world be a peaceful and stable place to live and do not create chaos in the most important region of the world for global stability, i.e. Persian Gulf.

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