Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Strategic Mistake of Saudi Arabia and Al Saud

By: Mansour Afrasiabi

There is a well-known proverb in English; that’s to say, history repeats itself. In other words, many similar historical events have happened one after the other. The activity followed by the wise is to take lessons from the past events. The past should be the light for the future in order to pre-empt unexpected events.

People, living in the Middle East, still remember the events happened during 90s. August of 1990 is the time Saddam Hussain became powerful and dominant over the region with military and financial helps of the west and some Arabic countries. Hallucination of being dominant over the regional Arabic countries and compensation for its attack against Iran encouraged him to occupy Kuwait within 12 hours and to fulfill his warmongering drives.

With respect to this event, some analysts believed that Saddam made US charge d’affaires aware of attacking Kuwait. Such an incident was great rejoicing for Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf because US thought that Saddam wanted to attack American headquarters in Iraq; hence, the White House not only did nothing to prevent the attack but also encouraged him to do so. This mistake of the Iraqi despot resulted in the collection of 500 thousands of American troops, 36 thousands of Britain troops, 19 thousands of French troops, 150 thousands of GCC, and 30 thousands troops from other countries along with 3000 tanks, and 2000 fighter jets. Al Saud should recognize that collection of troops and forces in the region will bring nothing but quagmires for Saudi Arabia itself.

Saddam was toppled down when he attacked Kuwait. He was captured like a rat in a hole and eventually executed. His achievements for Iraq were nothing but irreparable economic damages.

Less than 3 decades of such an incident, again ruler of Saudi Arabia did the same mistake as Saddam did. They put themselves in a dilemma by miscalculating the political situations of the region. The reality is that US, Israel, and their other allies are willing to weaken the financial capabilities of Saudi Arabia because in case of any regime change in Saudi Arabia, such financial capabilities may be used for confrontation against Israel.

Saudi Arabia should be aware that such an attack to its neighboring country, demanding its independence, and development may have serious and unexpected repercussions for the entire region.

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