Sunday, 07 January, 2018

Suspicious Death of Press TV Correspondent in Turkey

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Press TV reporter in Turkey, Serena Shim, has been killed near the border with Syria in a suspicious car accident.

She was killed on Sunday as she was going back to her hotel from a report scene in the city of Suruç in Turkey’s Urfa Province.

Shim, an American citizen of Lebanese origin, covered hotspots in Lebanon, Iraq and Ukraine for Press TV. She was in Turkey to cover the ongoing conflict in the Syrian town of Kobani.

After reporting on a scene in Turkey’s Urfa province, the vehicle transporting Shim to her hotel collided with a heavy vehicle, though the identity of the truck driver remain unknown.

Shim informed Press TV on Friday that the Turkish intelligence agency had accused her of spying because some of the stories she covered regarding Turkey’s stance on the ISIS militants in Kobani, adding that she feared being arrested.

Shim said she was among the few journalists obtaining stories and images about ISIS militants infiltrating into Syria through the Turkish border, including images of fighters crossing the Turkish border into Syria on trucks from the World Food Organization and other NGOs.

Shim absolutely rejected accusations against her, saying she was “shocked” at this accusation.

At the same time, some observers argued that Press TV correspondent seems to be the victim of an operation by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

An American journalist, Rodney Martin, says: “Shim most likely died as a result of her tireless pursuit of truth which is suppressed by media in the West. She seems to be the victim of a CIA black operation, most likely with the cooperation of Turkey who just recently accused her of being a ‘spy’ after she exposed Turkey’s assistance of ISIS.”

The chairman of the American Nationalist Association made the remarks on Monday following the suspicious death of Shim.

Kobani has been under attack since mid-September, with the ISIS militants capturing dozens of nearby Kurdish villages.

Turkey has been accused of backing ISIS militants in Syria.

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