Wednesday, 20 November, 2019

Swiss Ambassador to Iran visit Arak’s attractions

Swiss Ambassador to Iran, Julio Haus, visited cultural and historical sites in Arak, Markazi Province yesterday.

Haus said that the ground is prepared for promotion of ties with Iran.

He made the remarks in a meeting with governor general of this central province, adding that international developments too will help this process in a favorable manner.

He further hoped that nuclear talks between Iran and G5+1 would end up in a desired result.

Haus voiced his country’s willingness to establish a favorable relation with Iran.

Where is Arak?

Arak  also knowns as Sultan Abad  is a city in and the capital of Markazi Province, Iran.

The city is surrounded by mountains in the south, west, and east. Arak is located in adjacency two important cities: Qom and Isfahan. Its average altitude is 1750m above sea level and is 260 km from the capital

Arak’s Sites and Structures

Parks and gardens
  • Nezam Lashgar (Esmaeili) Garden
  • Amir Kabir Park
  • Jangali Park
  • Kelale Mountain Park
  • Arak Zoo
  • Char Fasl (Four-Season) Bath
  • Sultan Abad Museum
  • Museum of Artifacts (Hassan Pour Museum)
  • Museum of Famous People of Arak
  • Museum of Artifacts
  • Grand Museum of Arak (under construction)
Sports Complexes
  • Amir Kabir Entertainment and Sports Complex
  • Tufan Entertainment and Sports Complex (the biggest one in Iran)
  • Shahin Horse riding Complex
  • Doab Bridge (built over Sharra River)
  • Opera House of Arak (under construction)
  • Traditional bazaar
  • Sara ye Mehr, in the traditional bazaar
  • Mowstofi Mansion
  • Gerdou Valley (famous for its walnut trees and ranges)

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