Monday, 13 January, 2020

Swiss Ambassador visits Ahvaz, Enjoys Falafel

Switzerland’s Deputy Foreign Minister Yves Rossier arrived in Iran Monday, starting his visit in Ahvaz for a tour of memorial sites from the Iraqi war under the ex-dictator Saddam Hussein in the 1980s.

Ahead of the visit, Swiss ambassador to Iran Ciulio Haas, who was in Ahvaz for preparation of Rossier’s visit, toured the city’s universities, corniche along Karun River, and socialized with Ahvaziz dining in falafel snack shops.

Haas said Tehran-Bern bilateral relations will boost to higher levels in the wake of the nuclear deal with P5+1 group which was reached last Tuesday.

The envoy made the remarks on Sunday, a day before Switzerland’s Deputy Foreign Minister Yves Rossier, was due to arrive Iran to visit Khuzestan Province.

Meanwhile, Yves Rossier on Monday paid tribute to martyrs of the eight-year imposed war against Iran.

He visited a memorial site set up in commemoration of the martyrs in the city of Shalamche in this southwestern province.

Rossier  was accompanied with a number of local officials as well as surviving war veterans who briefed the Swiss official on the events and sacrifices of the sacred defense period.

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