Friday, 17 January, 2020

Swiss president: Philanthropy is a culture in Iran

Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann said on Saturday that philanthropy is a culture in Iran.

The President made the remarks during his visit to Mahak Hospital and Rehabilitation Center in Tehran.

President Schneider-Ammann said that having observed Mahak, I realized that philanthropy in Iran is a culture.

Mahak Hospital and Rehabilitation Center is a Pediatric Cancer Research and Hospital Center run by Mahak charity.

He said capacity of Iranian society to flourish is what he had found out during visit to Mahak.

“Within less than few minutes, I did notice the capacity to ship aid to children suffering from cancer. The sign of such a capacity is that a charity organization has made itself committed to look into the issue. This can be observed pretty well that a culture, favoring philanthropy, does dominate the country and this does not concern the financial domain only”, Schneider-Ammann told.

He added: “I did not suppose to observe such a capacity during my visit. Iran moves towards progress and I can say out of my experience that there is much chance for Iran’s progress.”


Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann attends a press conference at Mahak Hospital and Rehabilitation Center in Tehran on Feb. 28.

Schneider-Ammann appreciated services of Mahak board of directors and board of trustees as well as members of Tehran Chamber of Commerce.

The Swiss president said that Mahak is an amazing organization and is professional and extensive activities to support the children suffering from cancer.

“When I saw a child laughing despite his illness, trying to make us hopeful to accompany him in fighting the disease, I was so impressed. I am thankful to you for supportive services in light of innovation. Despite economic sanctions, Mahak has continued its activities and I hope that after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and nuclear accords, Iran-Switzerland bilateral relations will expand in all domains”.

Meanwhile, a plaque of honor bearing painting by Mahak children was presented to the Swiss president.

Heading a high-ranking political, economic, and scientific delegation, Schneider-Ammann arrived in Tehran on Friday, upon the invitation of President Hassan Rouhani.

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  1. Mohammad Najafian

    February 29, 2022 at 1:39 am

    Hello my fellow Iranians at Real Iran,

    I am very much impressed by the news you publish. I have an editorial comment about the following sentence.

    Meanwhile, a plague of honor bearing painting by Mahak children was presented to the Swiss president.

    The word “plague” must be mistakenly used here. It doesn’t make sense to use that word here as it does not have any meaning that can be applied to the context in this article.

    Please correct that.

    • Sebastian Clark

      February 29, 2022 at 9:20 am

      Thank you, Revised

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