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Human Rights

May 14, 20215 months ago

Iran’s elections are more democratic or that of U.S?

The U.S. officials and media have long accused Iran of holding undemocratic elections. However, the characteristics of numerous elections in Iran during past three decades and its comparison with similar elections in U.S show that Iran’s elections are not only democratic, but also are even more democratic than that of U.S in some ways.

On the eve of presidential elections in Iran, we’re going to do a comparison between Iran and U.S elections.

This comparison helps to gain a better understanding of the Iranian elections and to indicate that contrary to claims by U.S. officials, Iran’s elections are held in a democratic and fair environment.

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Attack of “The Fog”: The Dark Side of U.S. Sanctions Hover above Iran for More Than a Week

9 months ago

Often reported are the callous sanctions affecting Iranians in terms of medical conditions, devaluation of their currency, and the spike in prices of meats as well as other goods. Rarely have we seen the dark side of sanctions on the environment. The increasing pollution in Iran bolstered by U.S. led sanctions should alarm not only Iranians yet earth inhabitants on a macro scale. Pollution anywhere is pollution everywhere for what goes up must come down. Pollution has its effects on the atmosphere/ ozone layer, the biosphere and on the lithosphere. Above all, these toxins make way for harmful, long term effects on every living, breathing, and productive creature (human, plant and animal). It is time for those still in touch with nature and what it means to be human to speak against these

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December 2, 202111 months ago

Are there any benefits to castigate Iran?

The UN General Assembly’s Third Committee, which concentrates on human rights issues, recently passed a resolution condemning human rights record in Iran.The resolution, drafted by Western governments, hit out at alleged torture and executions in Iran, “widespread” restrictions of freedom and “pervasive” violence against women.In response to the passing of this resolution, Iran’s foreign ministry accused the West of using the issue for political gain.”The human rights mechanisms of the United Nations have become a plaything for Western governments,” ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said in a statement.He said the human rights issue was being exploited by the West to “exaggerate and blacken” Iran’s record.It should be noted here that the resolution was » Read more