Friday, 08 April, 2016

Tehran is not Havana, President Hassan Rouhani’s advisor warns Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama should remember that Iran is not Cuba, nor is it the erstwhile Soviet Union, says the advisor to President Hassan Rouhani on cultural affairs.

“No Fidel and Raul (Castro) or (Mikhail) Gorbachev and (Boris) Yeltsin are there in Iran,” IRNA quoted Hessamoddin Ashena as saying on Friday.

Adopting a Cold War strategy by the US and imposing financial burdens in military rivalries were effective in disintegrating the Soviet Union, said Ashena.

But thanks to the wisdom of its supreme leader, Iran is not going to allow the alteration of calculations in the minds of its authorities and it will not let the enemy dominate the wills and thoughts of the officials, he added.

“Obama can make a full end of last remnants of the cold war not only in Cuba but in the Middle East before November,” he said.

“The strength of Iran has overshadowed all the presidential elections in the US since the time of (Jimmy) Carter,” he said.

“From the occupation of US den of espionage in Tehran to the failed US attack on Iran in Tabas, Iran made trouble for Carter Administration, and now again Iran has overcome the threats by George Bush and sanctions by Obama,” Ashena said.


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  1. Amir

    April 3, 2021 at 5:37 pm

    Totally true.

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