Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Tehran, Paris ties reach new phase, Rouhani says

 A new chapter has been opened in Iran-France relations and quick implementation of joint accords could further deepen the ties, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday.

While receiving credentials of France’s new ambassador to Tehran François Senemaud on Tuesday morning, Rouhani pointed to cultural commonalities and deep-rooted relations between the two countries, saying “given the great potentials and capabilities of Iran and France, bilateral ties need to get strengthened in all economic, political, scientific, cultural and regional arenas.”

Describing the widespread agreements reached during his official visit to Paris, Iran’s Rouhani added “momentous documents were signed for reinvigoration of ties between the two sides while their rapid implementation would pave the path for further expansion of collaborations especially between Iranian and French private sectors.”

“Provision of peaceful conditions in the region particularly in Syria and Iraq would be in favor of both parties,” highlighted Hassan Rouhani asserting “given their existing capabilities, Iran and France could pioneer in strengthening foundations of peace and stability in the region.”

He outlined terrorism as a hurdle to the world reiterating “for long, the Islamic Republic of Iran has focused efforts to combat terrorism and cooperation between the two countries will accelerate the fight.”

Rouhani also voiced hope that Tehran-Paris ties will further get bolstered during the office of the new French ambassador.


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François Senemaud, for his part, expressed France’s determination to deepen relations with Tehran in all fields; “France will spare no effort in quick implementation of the reached deals between the two sides.”

“The government and private sector of France are willing to participate in Iran’s developmental plans as well as to launch joint venture projects,” stressed the French official noting that grounds are ready for expansion of cooperation in all political, economic, cultural and scientific fields.”

He pointed to the achievements of Rouhani’s trip to the European country reiterating “new dynamics have emerged in Tehran-Paris ties as a result of the visit which need to be preserved and strengthened.”

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