Friday, 17 January, 2020

Tehran street named after “Angel for Kids with Cancer”

The City Council of Tehran has named a street after Professor Parvaneh Vosough, known as “Angel for Kids with Cancer”.

In a ceremony attended by Tehran’s municipal authorities coincided with “National Doctors’ Day “, a street in the Iranian capital was named after former chairman of the Board of Trustees of Mahak Subspecialty Cancer Hospital who died in 2013 , at age 78.

The decision was made by Tehran City Council, based on a proposal from the Tehran municipality.


Professor Parvaneh Vosough was born in 1935 in Tafresh, central Iran and received her MD in general medicine from Tehran University of Medical Science in 1963. She later went to the universities of Cambridge, Massachusetts and Illinois and finished her further studies in those universities. She also attended Washington University for her graduate course.

In 1971, she returned to Iran and practiced her profession in Ali Asghar Hospital in Tehran.

Vosough was a member of the board of trustees of Mahak Institute in Tehran. Mahak is a charity foundation set up to support children with cancer. It is also the name of a hospital specializing in cancer.

She served more like an angel for children with cancer and terminal diseases and left her life in America to serve Iranian children suffering from different kinds of cancer for free at Mahak Institute.


Iranian Professor Parvaneh Vosough, known as “Angel for Kids with Cancer”

In the course of her medical services, Professor Vosough treated many cancer-suffering children around the world, giving them health, and she had never married. Perhaps for this reason, she was called ‘Iran’s Mother Teresa’ by some people.

Mofid and Tehran Children hospitals were also among the centers where professor Vosough practiced medicine. As a founding member of subspecialty course in blood and children’s cancer in Iran, she founded the first hematology and oncology section in Ali Asghar Hospital. She was a fixed member of the Mahak Subspecialty Hospital that she had founded.

She was also an active member of numerous international communities for preventing and treating cancer in children like the SIOP, UICC, MECCA, PODC and INCTR, and regularly submitted articles in their periodicals.

Vosough was the author of over 100 titles focusing on child cancers and penned numerous articles published in the world’s leading medical journals.

Professor Vosough passed away on May 19, 2021 at the age of 78.

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