Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Tehran’s museum hosts German foreign minister

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art signed an agreement with Germany’s Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation on Saturday, in the presence of visiting German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Inaugurated in 1977, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is an art museum located Tehran.

The museum was designed by Iranian architect Kamran Diba, who employed elements from traditional Persian architecture. It was built adjacent to Laleh Park, Tehran. The building itself can be regarded as an example of contemporary art. Most of the museum area is located underground.

It is considered to have the most valuable collection of Western modern art outside Europe and the United States, a collection largely assembled by founding curators David Galloway and Donna Stein under the patronage of Farah Pahlavi.

It is said that there is approximately £2.5 billion worth of modern art held at the museum.

The museum hosts a revolving programme of exhibitions and occasionally organises exhibitions by local artists.

German foreign minister visits Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, October 17

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Photos by Arshideh Shahangi, Mehr News

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