Friday, 23 March, 2018

Terrorism and Extremism


By: Bobbie

I think it is better to start talking about the relationship between terrorism and extremism by mentioning their definitions. Terrorism is the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes and extremism is driving (something) to the limit, to the extreme but nowadays, the term is mostly being used in a political or religious sense, for an ideology that is considered (by the speaker) to be far outside the (acceptable) mainstream attitudes of society.
There are lots of countries in the world suffering from extremism as well as terrorism. Iran is one of them; in the other words, Iran has been a victim of terrorism and extremism. For example, ISIS in Syria and Iraq tries to pose a threat against Iran, conducting terrorist attacks in Iran. When Iran’s Islamic Revolution was fledgling, many terrorist organizations assassinated both Iranians and its officials and the western countries especially US supported such organizations and operations.
Joining extremist groups has been seen to arise from beliefs about the acceptability of aggression towards the group’s target. For example, in Pakistan, beliefs about the acceptability of aggression against Jews were shown to predict who would join an extremist anti-Semitic group. Cultural differences in acceptability about aggression towards certain groups may explain extremism towards certain targets, and as these beliefs can be easily changed through intervention, this may offer a way in which extremism can be discouraged.
“Extremism” is not a stand-alone characteristic. The attitude or behavior of an “extremist” may be represented as part of a spectrum which ranges from mild interest through “obsession” to “fanaticism” and “extremism”. The alleged similarity between the “extreme left” and “extreme right”, or perhaps between different religious “zealots”, may mean only that all these are “unacceptable” from the standpoint of a supposed mainstream or majority.

I think that extremism has been rooted in Saudi Arabia. A look at its history, you can notice that Saudi is satisfied with training extremists and terrorists. From 9/11 to recent military threat of Iran, they are driving like a maniac! I hardly know where they are going but the hell! As they are regarded as the custodian of Muslim holy places, but their behaviors show that they are destroyer of them.
As a conclusion, the country who is the creator of extremism and terrorism is in fear of Iran! The country invaded Yemen is intimidated by Iran’s nuclear program! Alas, alas, and alas.

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