Wednesday, 11 October, 2017

Terrorism, the Common Enemy, and Indispensability of Collective International action

A law enforcement officer looks over the evidence near the remains of a SUV involved in the Wednesdays attack is shown in San Bernardino, California December 3, 2015. Authorities on Thursday were working to determine why a man and a woman opened fire at a holiday party of his co-workers in Southern California, killing 14 people and wounding 17 in an attack that appeared to have been planned. (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

By: Abdolreza Ghofrani

Less than three weeks after tragic terrorists action, or in better words, terrorism assaults in Paris, that did take the lives of 140 innocent people, yesterday thousands of miles away from Europe and the Middle East, in Saint Bernardino, LA, United States, this nasty phenomena recurred, and two terrorists attacked and gunned down a group of people working for disabled, and once more the ugly face of terror reappeared.

This deadly horror event indicated again that international terrorism is blind, taking victims in every country from all walks of life, no matter being either innocent or guilty, civilians or military people. Terrorism is merely looking for creation of horrors in international arena. We can dare to say that no countries, regardless at which political, social and economic stage they may be, are quite immune to terrorism, and none of them can say that they are invulnerable to this common hostile. So, unless something is done to stand out against this, nobody can anticipate what further savage actions the terrorists will take and how many more innocent people will be slaughtered. The local police in Saint Bernardino yesterday did not rule out terrorist acts. In his first reaction to this deadly event, President Obama suggested that terrorism motive would be probable. Reportedly, ISIS has taken responsibility for terror acts in Saint Bernardino.

Whatever the outcome of the police investigation, terrorism is terrorism and it does not make any difference what are the motives for these inhuman actions either in a given country or international field. Now the terrorism, with its new dimensions, has reached out the United States; and probably not a single maniac or psychic individual(s) can merely be accounted for this genocide. Hence those who believe that the United States (for being either very far away or because of her tight security measures) can be more immune from other parts of the world, now Saint Bernardino events prove that they are absolutely mistaken. Moreover, just fourteen years ago terrorists group Al-Quada attacked World Trade Center in New York taking thousands of lives. Disgracefully, terrorism has made great advances. Fourteen years ago, if terrorists were only trained for genocide ,suicide attacks and bombing ,nowadays they are equipped  with the most sophisticated arms and shamefully financed abundantly by some countries. Through the past fourteen years United States and her allied Western countries have taken tough security measures such as tight restrictions on granting visas to other countries’ citizens and control of  the shuttle of  aliens, these countries are, however, pretty vulnerable to terrorists attacks. Under these circumstances, isn’t it necessary that the warnings given to certain countries and the big powers be seriously considered and hasty measures be taken to combat terrorism? Saint Bernardino event proved that only restrictions on people shuttles and restrictions on granting visas or citizenships, though quite necessary, are not enough. Moreover in Saint Bernardino the terrorists were all American citizens and not other nationals. These all imply that terrorism has gained new international dimensions and now has turned into the enemy of the manhood. As, time and again, politicians and scholar and many others have warned for the expansion of terrorists’ dangers, so it sounds this international dilemma requires a global solution and eventually collective and common cooperation of all countries of the world. But it is deplorable that other than the big countries that have been accounted for this great international problem over the recent years, there are other countries, particularly in the Middle East and this region that have had great role to flare-up of terrorism just to achieve their irrational and adventurous goals. It is quite astonishing that these countries have not either understood or forgotten the past that the flames they have rekindled, would take them too sooner or later; as reportedly there have already been sporadic bombings and terrorist acts in these countries. Undoubtedly unless an international measure is taken to contain this nasty process, it will gain broad dimensions and these countries will not be immune either. These countries need to bear in mind that with their adventurous policies to achieve ambitious goals they will reach nowhere and in these perplexed conditions they cannot attain any political and economic power whatsoever. They should do away with the assumption that they are immune to terrorism. Any time when terrorists feel that they no longer need these countries they will not hesitate to target them by their destructive actions. These experiences have been verified repeatedly over the past recent years. These countries have to know that very soon they will be held responsible by international community for their irrational policies.

Lastly, the international community, as mentioned before, should take quick measures and the UN Security Council instead of long and useless deliberations and adopting only inoperable resolutions, work out a comprehensive action plan for international stubborn and serious measures to combat terrorism, because more delays are not tolerable. Regrettably, contrary to general principle prevailing United Nations Security Council, the power of guarantee of execution of the resolutions adopted by this Council has declined and remains only on the paper. This organ so far has just considered certain countries for harboring terrorism that definitely does not serve the above said goal. At present, it sounds that Iran’s adopted resolution for “Combating Violence Worldwide” can be a well-meaning beginning and be taken as a good base for future comprehensive collective measures. Moreover firm measures must be taken on the countries (now quite well known for all) that are harboring terrorism.
It is not quite clear as to why no serious and determined actions are taken for combating terrorism whereas all countries of the world constantly are calling for that. Why preemptions are not taken before the situation going from bad to worse and are uncontrollable? In UN Charter, Peace Keeping and Peace Making has been assumed the main job of the United Nations. Now terrorism not only threatens the international peace but the very existing of the countries of the world. Therefore any delay to do this will be disastrous. It is quite possible unless something serious be done now and should the situation goes this way, there is no guarantee that any solution to the problem be easy in the future. Then everybody will lose but only terrorism that wins and becomes more powerful.

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