Thursday, 14 September, 2017

Texas feed store sparks outrage with ‘Bomb Iran’ message

A cattle feed store in Texas has caused international outrage by printing “bomb bomb bomb Iran” on a receipt.

The phrase appeared at the bottom of a July 3 receipt from Arcola Feed and Hardware in Rosharon, Texas, a small town just south of Houston.

The words are likely a reference to a parody of the Beach Boys’ song “Barbara Ann,” which replaces the lyrics with “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.” The parody existed as early as 1979, in the wake of the Iran hostage crisis, but was re-popularized in 2007 when Sen. John McCain sang part of it while on the presidential campaign trail in answer to a question about possible U.S. military involvement in Iran.

After a photo of the receipt went viral on Telegram, a mobile messaging app widely used in Iran, and was posted to Twitter, the store was inundated with phone calls.

“I have spoken to probably a hundred members of the Iranian community both here in the States and from ALL over the world,” wrote owner Tara Burk Jurica in a Facebook message to BBC Persian correspondent Bahman Kalbasi. “I have tried to assure them we don’t feel that way… My apologies to the Iranian community both here and abroad.” The message printed at the bottom of the receipt has now been changed.

Kalbasi posted a photo of the receipt on his Twitter account on July 8:

A July 8 post on the store’s Facebook account apologized for the receipt’s message, while stating that the owners did not know how the message got there in the first place:

Phone calls to Arcola Feed and Hardware went unanswered on Monday afternoon, and the store’s Facebook account now appears to have been deleted.

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