Tuesday, 29 May, 2018

Thailand ready to invest in Kish Island

Thailandˈs ambassador to Tehran expressed Bangkok’s readiness to invest in Kish Island located in southern Iran.

Earlier this week, Thai envoy to Iran Ramsee Chittham and managing director of Kish Free Trade Zone Ali-Asghar Mounesan held a meeting in Kish Island.

“Kish Island has developed significantly in comparison with two last years, which is a testament to proper management and planning by the Island’s officials.” said Chittham, stating his pleasure of travelling to Kish Island

Asking Mounesan to visit Thailand’s tourist attractions and facilities, Chittham expressed Thai interest to invest in Iran and its Kish Island

For his part, Mounesan told in the meeting: “Kish Island has 14 bazars, 42 hotels ready to put into operation and 38 hotels under construction. Tourists can enjoy marine leisure facilities, cycling and eating out.”

Stressing on Kish potentials for foreign investors, he added: “A 20-year tax exemption, customs tariff discounts, and the possibility of establishing companies with 100% foreign ownership along with visa-free entry are among the advantages offered to visiting foreign investors and tourists.”

“We suggest you to get involved in entertaining projects, building hotels and restaurants as well as in banking and non-polluting (clean) industries” Mounesan addressed Thai investors.

“A main advantage for Kish Island is to travel easily from the Island to other Iran’s cities like Shiraz and Isfahan. There are some daily air flights to the cities.” He said.

City Park of Kish and its Lake at Night, Kish Island

Persian Gulf island of Kish, also known as ‘The Pearl of the Persian Gulf’, is a tourist hotspot for many Iranians.

Kish Island is a beautiful island and touristic resort located on the north east of the Persian Gulf about 17 km from the southern offshore of the mainland Iran.

The Island is known for being a beautiful resort in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. Kish Island has relaxed laws in comparison to the rest of Iran. Like mainland Iran, the people of Kish are friendly and hospitable.

As first free trade and industrial zone of Iran, Kish is being developed into a luxury resort and a dynamic trade zone and with its fast growing economy, has turned into business magnet attraction several billions of Dollars in foreign investment.

‘The Pearl of the Persian Gulf’: All You Need to Know

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