Sunday, 15 September, 2019

The Guardian narrates: Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution

Iranian photographer Maryam Zandi (born 1947 in Gorgan) has spent her school years in Gorgan and then graduated from Tehran University (School of Law & Political Sciences).

Beginning her photography career in 1970, she was awarded with the first prize of the ministry of art and culture’s national photography competition. In 1972 she joined Iranian national TV-Radio as a photographer and later by initial publications of “Tamasha” magazine, she became Iranian Television and Tamasha magazine’s public relations photographer.

Maryam Zandi remained with National Television for the next twelve years. Within this time she also began capturing photos of the revolution in 1979 as well as many other photographic experiences. Her first significant photography project (“Chehreh-ha: Portraits”) was formed within these years after revolution (1981) which by the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war and her trip to France (1986-1989) remains incomplete.

Her last publication is the “1979 Revolution” photography book which is a collection of incidents happening around the time of the Iranian revolution in 1979. In 2014 she won in the “Social Documentary Photography Festival”for publishing the book.

According to the Guardian, It took Maryam Zandi more than three decades to get her photos of the revolution published:

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