Tuesday, 16 July, 2019

The Messages of Iran’s Elections and Moderate Rouhani’s Victory

On Friday, 72 percent of the 50 million eligible Iranians had turned out to vote and moderate cleric Hassan Rouhani had secured just over the 50 percent of the vote needed to avoid a run-off.

Iranian Interior minister Mustafa Mohammad-Najjar told on Saturday that Rouhani had won Iran’s presidential elections with more than 18 million of the votes.

Iranians’ high turnout in Friday Elections and the victory of moderate Rouhani send several important messages to western countries and their allies.


On elections:

1-    Iranians’ impressive turnout in elections demonstrates the people’s confidence in the Iranian regime, their leader and the Iranian voting system.

The Supreme Leader asked the people to evolve in the political event and vote for the best candidate they believe in. People showed their acceptance.

2-    The high percentage of votes obtained by the winning candidate (Dr. Rouhani) shows that Iranian people have politically open-minded thinking and they know exactly what they want from the next president.

3-    Rouhani had secured just with 261251 votes over the 50 percent. To win, any candidate must earn a majority of the votes (50 percent of votes + 1 vote ). This shows Iran elections has been held accurately and without any manipulation of votes. So what had been said before, by western Media about a corrupted voting system in Iran was a lie and the least 261251 difference of vote showed it as this number of ballots is easy to manipulate.


On Rouhani’s election

1-    People want a change in foreign policy to influence the domestic economy. Through electing a moderate president, they like to establish better relations with the outside world and to better control the sanctions. Again it shows that people understand political situation and care about it while their decisions matter!

2-    The opposition and their leaders are happy from the victory of a candidate backed by reformers and it is logical that henceforth opposition no longer do any serious action against the government. So, every group inside and outside the country which opposes Iranian government will be among its enemies (such as MEK).

3-    Moderate Rouhani is a candidate who U.S claims can deal with him.  Therefore, from now, western countries refusal to negotiate with Iran is unacceptable and it will be another sign of these countries’ hostility towards Iranian people.

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