Monday, 13 January, 2020

The Reasons for Increasing Iranian Martyrs in Syria

Washington post wrote an article about the reasons of increasing Iranian soldiers who martyred in Syria over the last months.

An increasing number of Iranian soldiers and militiamen appear to be martyring in Syria’s civil war, and observers credit media from an unexpected country for revealing the trend:

Some reports allegedly indicate that at least 67 Iranians have been martyred in Syria since the beginning of October.
Just a few months ago, Iranian media said little about the country’s military intervention in Syria to shore up the government. But as Iranian fighters participate in a new Russian-led offensive against Syrian rebels, Iran’s leaders might have a reason to offer more details of their country’s involvement.

Since Iranian forces became increasingly involved in the conflict in 2013, about 10 fighters were being martyred every month, but the numbers surged after Russia, another ally of Syria’s government, began launching airstrikes at rebels in late September. Iran has been a key military and financial backer of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during nearly five years of conflict.

Iran’s elite Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guard Corps helped Assad build powerful pro-government militias to support Syria’s exhausted and broken military. Iran, a Shiite nation, also has ordered thousands of Shiite militiamen from Lebanon, Iraq and other countries to fight in Syria against the Sunni-led rebellion.

It is unclear precisely how many Iranians are fighting in Syria. While U.S. officials estimate their number to be in the hundreds, experts believe 2,000 Iranians or more could be deployed there. And they appear to be increasingly involved in “direct combat” operations during the Russian offensive.

The United States long sought to exclude Iran from regional discussions about Syria’s future, largely because of its support for Assad. But last month, Iran was invited to join in a regional meeting on the subject, a sign of acknowledgment by Washington of the broad influence that Tehran wields in Syria.

A video posted on the semi­official Fars News Agency shows the funeral of a man identified as Qadir Sarlak, a Revolutionary Guard fighter martyred in Syria on Nov. 5.

But the rise of the vehemently anti-Shiite and anti-Iranian Islamic State militant group, which controls parts of Syria and Iraq, has been the main reason for Iran’s participation in fight against terrorists in Syria.

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