Saturday, 01 February, 2020

‘The Sage of Iranian Culture’ Celebrates his 90th Birthday

During a ceremony held on Friday, the 90th birthday of Iranian Scholar Seyyed Abdollah Anvaar was celebrated.

Cultural figures and a large number of journalists attended the birthday celebration of a master who is mostly known for his studies on Tehran.

Tehran City Council Chairman, Ahmad Masjed-Jamei, congratulated the master and called Anvaar “the Sage of Iranian Culture”.

Born in 1924, Anvaar is a veteran translator, mathematician and expert on manuscripts especially old math texts.

He was the head of the manuscript department of the National Library of Iran for over 20 years.

He has also compiled one volume of the series of Dehkhoda, the most comprehensive unabridged Persian dictionary.

He has trained so many students and now his students are very famous in different parts of the world.

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