Wednesday, 01 March, 2017

The way is open for fighting ISIL


By: Mansour Afrasiabi

The way to deal with ISIL is not closed. Those countries who remained silent when it was cultivated and helped the developments of the terrorist group know much better the way of defeating ISIL.

Hillary Clinton made remarks in a meeting last day that challenges of Iran and ISIL are not apart from each other! Iranian policies pushed Saudi Arabia to change its view of Syria to Yemen. There is no way out unless Bashar Assad abandons power.

US President Barak Obama voiced support of US position over past days. But it is said that American policy-makers are plunged into ignorance because they know well that ISIL is their illegal creature. In other words, ISIL is another side of Wahhabism.

Paris attacks and articles published in the media such as Foreign Policy, Huffington Post, New York Times, and so on can represent the intrinsic similarity between ISIL and Wahhabism. These media are not under the control and influence of Iran. They know well that if they don’t talk about truth, their credibility will be affected and diminished.

Hilary Clinton imagined if nothing happened in Yemen, Saudi Arabia would confront with ISIL in Syria. Surprisingly, she hardly knows that those forces battling with Houthis in Aden and other parts of Yemen are linked to Al-Qaeda and Daesh forces who are transferred from Syria to Yemen.

Such claims made by a leading politician who educated in one of the best political and law universities of the world represent her ignorance or her wrong analysis of key players who are behind incidents in the region. Her claims show that US-made terrorist group is unleashed, aiming the interests of the Unites States.

The United States and its allies brought the region into chaos through their influence on Saudi Arabia and some other Arabic countries. Now when they lost control over the terrorist group, they accuse Muslims of carrying out terrorist operations in the world but what a wrong idea! Unfortunately, western, American and Saudi policy-makers protect Israel’s interests instead of their own. Annihilation of Israel is Western countries’ causes of concerns. They are ignorant over the massacre of Zionism. If Israel’s killings were controlled, peace and security would be brought back to the world. Absence of peace and security in the Middle East is the strategic solution of western countries to have impacts on its countries regardless of knowing that such absence is not restricted to a certain geography such as Paris attacks proved it.

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