Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

The Wrath and Fury of Israel

By: Bobbie

Eventually, nuclear deal has been reached. In the other words, all countries in the world, except Israel, are happy because after long negotiations, the both sides have trusted to each other and declared nuclear deal.
Israel is the only regime that is not happy, regarding the nuclear deal as a bad one because P5+1 offered numerous concessions to Iran. On the other hand, all Iran’s red lines were not violated.
Obama is happy because he could succeed in making a deal with Iran. He is the only president, after around 35 years, could sit at the negotiating table with Iran and talk about Iran’s nuclear issue directly. His speech, after the declaration of deal, was harshly criticized by Israel and Israeli media. Numerous people hailed the deal as the best but the deal met with a hail of criticism by Israel. There are 10 NOs about the victorious deal of Iranians vs the catastrophic deal for the western countries. I mention them in the following:
1. Was the Iranian government required, as a condition for this deal, to disclose the previous military dimensions of its nuclear program — to come clean on its violations? No.
2. Has the Iranian government been required to halt all uranium enrichment, including thousands of centrifuges spinning at its main Natanz enrichment facility? No.
3. Has the Iranian government been required to shut down and dismantle its Arak heavy water reactor and plutonium production plant? No.
4. Has the Iranian government been required to shut down and dismantle Fordow? No.
5. Has the Iranian government been required to halt its ongoing missile development? No.
6. Has the Iranian government been required to halt research and development of the faster centrifuges? No.
7. Has the Iranian government been required to submit to “anywhere, anytime” inspections of any and all facilities? No.
8. Has the international community established procedures setting out how it will respond to different classes of Iranian violations, to ensure that the international community can act with sufficient speed and efficiency to thwart a breakout to the bomb? No.
9. Has the Iranian government been required to halt its arming, financing and training of the Hezbollah? No
10. Has the Iranian leadership agreed to stop saying “death to Israel and America” and to stop its relentless calls for the annihilation of Israel? No.
In the end, as it is clear, Iran has made priceless concessions in the nuclear talks. It is its authority and influence, making western countries offer such concessions. Iran has always been a superpower due to its influence and authority. Therefore, all western countries bowed to Iranian red lines and it is the time, for Israel, to be respectful towards Iran and Iranians.

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