Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Turkey’s paradoxical behaviors over Syria

The following article has been originally published by Asr Diplomacy news website and translated briefly by M.H.B. (Real Iran Editorial Board Member)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has recently reiterated in the Turkish city of Izmir that his country has fully liberated the Syrian city of al-Bab. He also mentioned that previously, the city was captured by Daesh terrorist group, emphasizing on the indispensable role of Turkey in liberating the city.

Addressing those who blame Turkey for conducting sorties in the Syrian soil, he also added that Ankara has backed the Syrian Free Army. In the other words, he tried to justify his vicious conducts against Syrian government on the pretext of supporting Free Syrian Amy.

He then cleverly asked of his opponents that who is responsible for bringing security for the region? “Yes, we did that. It was our duty to move forward and make the region safe and secure against terrorists.” Erdoğan responded to his own question.

Erdogan said that Turkey does not need any diplomatic literature and moves of Free Syrian Army will continue till the devastation of all terrorists.

In a reply to his arrogant speech, it needs to remind him of his intervention in Syrian soil without any official permit. As everyone knows, Turkish regional allies including Saudi Arabia has supported Bashar Al Assad after the liberation of Aleppo.

Mr. Erdogan! unfortunately, all your recent moves (occupation) in Syria have made in the name of fighting terrorism but this is justifiable with no political logic. Terrorists are terrorists. You cannot have your own definition of terrorism in a bid to back the Syrian Free Army. All existing terrorist and extremist groups in Syria have been entitled as terrorists which have been bred of the same origin.

You (Mr. Erdogan)  invaded and breached the Syrian soil on the pretext of tackling with terrorism and made encouraging atmosphere in Turkey to have impacts on Turkish public opinion. Such atmosphere has some consequences including the assassination of Russian Ambassador.

You denounced Iranian and Russian governments to meddle in Syrian affairs but you missed the point that their military analysts and counselors have engaged in anti-terrorist activity based on the official permit of Syrian government.

Erdogan should be aware of his contradictory behaviors playing the region into havoc. The chief reason of instability and insecurity of the Middle East is the intervention of Turkish government in Syrian domestic affairs. Sooner or later, your own country is going to face with serious repercussions. Then, you will respond to nations which had encountered serious challenges due to your asymmetric behaviors

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