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Two Iranian girls hold ‘Food Tours’ for foreign tourists

Two Iranian girls are organizing tours of Iranian cuisine to make foreigners more familiar with Iranian foods and eating traditions.

In this tour, tourists spend one-night work with Matin Lashkari and Shirin Tahanan; first, along with tourists on the market, they will buy the ingredients they need for their cooking.

The tourists who have registered for this food tour meet up in front of Tajrish market. Then they step into the market where they get familiar with a new world called Iran, its people’s taste, and the specific foodstuffs the Iranians use. After that they enter the shops and come across to the things they may have never encountered.

Then, they enter the beautiful and charming “Shirin Tahanan” and “Matin Lashkari” kitchens and experience a genuine Iranian cuisine. Everything is arranged and accounted. The season’s cooking menu, printed in color and in English, is available to you and begins to sparkle.

This experience is so exciting for tourists that they often return to their marketplace to buy food again and cook Iranian food back to their country.

Matin says the cost of tours can be between 65 and 80 euros.

“When a tour is conducted with fewer than five people, we get 80 euros per person, but for the tours conducted with more than five people, they have to pay 65 euros each. The tours are conducted with at least two people. The two-person tours are not cost-effective, but as we have started the business recently and we need money, we conduct them. We are just at the beginning and sometimes there is no way out. But when these two people get back to their home country, they describe their experience for other ones and they say let’s try Iran and its food once.”

Matin says the tourists love Tajrish market very much. “When the tour is over, we always ask them which part was more interesting. Everyone welcomes the market part and says this part is very good before going into the kitchen. Although these tourists have often seen the Iranian market, it’s totally different for them because this time there’s someone who gives them a thorough explanation when they walk in the market. Sometimes tourists have seen Tajrish market before, but they say this time it’s different for them because the things learned in bazaar are used when they come to the kitchen. Therefore, the tourists remember how to use the Iranian foodstuff. Many of them go to the market and do the shopping again when their class is over because they have just learned how to use many Iranian foodstuff. For many of them, the stuffed olives have an interesting and extraordinary taste. Although they have already eaten olives, this taste is new to them. They also love pickles. They welcome the tastes. Some people do not like whey, but they cannot skip Ash-e-Reshte or noodle thick soup served with whey. In the wintertime, we never forget to include Ash-e-Reshte in the menu. Our clients like it very much.”

“The food tours are very popular outside Iran and many tourists are curious about what’s going on in a special tour. They want to know what kind of foods they can try. I myself was also very interested in these tours and I tried them several times,” Matin noted.

So far, Matin and Shirin have conducted 28 food tours, with most of their clients from Germany, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

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  1. Niz THAHA

    March 12, 2021 at 8:33 am

    I am a Singaporean and I am in love with Iran. I miss Persian food…Long Live Iran
    Niz Thaha

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